Term & Conditions

Please read through them carefully before placing your order. By using our website https://essenwater.sg and/or placing an order through our Facebook page (Essen Water Singapore) or with any of our authorised salesperson, you agree to be bounded by the terms and conditions stated below. Before placing an order, if you have any queries relating to these terms and policies, please email us at essenwater@gmail.com or contact us by corporate hotline at +6583683928. We may change our terms and conditions without a public notice to you. Changes will apply to any subsequent orders received, once your order has been confirmed, we will not be able to make any changes

1.Deposit Payment & Full Payment

All orders are only confirmed upon receipt of deposit payment of $88 or otherwise stated which must be made via PAYNOW (company UEN: 200816705Z) or other agreed upon means. This is a non-refundable deposit that covers manpower and inventory management costs, as there is a need to schedule and purchase inventory. 

The balance payment shall be paid upon completion of installation.

2. Installation

Standard installation is defined as an installation that (a) is less than 5 meters from water point to dispenser, and (b) does not involve trunking, carpentry, electrical (e.g. installation of new sockets) and plumbing works (e.g. installing new steel/copper pipes).

Essen Water owns the right to NOT proceed with the installation and to charge a fee for the effort if the following conditions are met:

In the event that our installers partner is to visit the original purchaser’s house and it is still under renovation condition (e.g. counter top/ power point/ water point are not up and ready) which leads to failure to proceed with installation service and Essen water is not informed on the matter earlier. ($80 Fee)

In the event that our installers partner is to visit the original purchaser’s house and the purchaser is not present during the scheduled date thus leads to failure to proceed with installation service. ($80 Fee)

If the original purchaser insists to proceed with the installation despite as per terms above, warranty will be voided.

Under no conditions will Essen water reinstate a drilled hole after removing our water dispenser upon request or reinstall a previously installed water dispenser once installation of the new water dispenser has begun. Similarly, there will be no replacement of the countertop/ cabinet or any other that relates to the installation process once the installation of the water dispenser has begun, unless Essen water sees the need to do so.

Essen water shall not reinstate any drilled holes after removing our water dispenser upon request under certain circumstances.
All purchasers must follow the instructions of installer partners after installation and user demonstration. (i.e., No adjustment of the water valve or the tubing after completion). In the event where operation instruction is found not followed, and subsequently causing damages to the water dispenser, there will be a penalty of $200 onwards depending on the severity for rectifying the damages and other inherent miscellaneous fees. 


The terms of the Limited Liability Warranty are as follows:

Your new water dispenser is covered by a 1-year limited liability warranty.

This Limited Warranty is not transferable and covers your purchase only if you:

Are the original purchaser and current owner of the Product for which you are seeking recourse under the Warranty.

Have subjected the water dispenser exclusively to household (commercial provided it is installed by Essen Water Pte Ltd) use. The Limited Warranty thus only applies during the period in which the Product is owned and controlled by the original purchaser of that Product.

Please retain an electronic copy of your purchase invoice which will be sent via email, which will contain the information with regards to your purchase.

Kindly quote the invoice number and provide a short video to our team so that we may better assist with any issues with your purchase.

This Warranty is limited to material defects resulting from defective materials or workmanship in the product you have purchased. Essen Water will, for 1 year following the date of the installation is done and once after the full payment has been made, at Essen Water’s reserves the right in its sole discretion, repair or replace, or provide a substitute for, any piece or part of the Product found by Essen water to be defective in material or workmanship. The Limited Warranty applies under conditions of normal household or commercial use (provided it is installed by us), but does not apply in the event of: negligence, soiling, improper cleaning, misuse which inclusive of removing the touch panel by either accidental or purposefully, abnormal use, ordinary wear and tear, dings, dents or scratches, accident.

Essen Water will repair or replace the defective Product or the defective component(s) of the Product (if applicable). In the event of a manufacturing defect in a component of the Product, such as the motor, we may elect to repair or replace the component if practicable rather than replace the entire water dispenser, and we reserve sole and complete discretion over that election. If we elect to replace the Product or component, we will replace it with the model, version, colour, or style available at the time of replacement, which may be different in certain respects than the original you purchased.

Any repair or replacement will not extend the original Limited Warranty period, nor will it constitute the beginning of a new limited warranty period.

4.This Limited Warranty strictly does not cover the followings:

Essen Water will not be liable for any loss or damage caused by delay in the performance or non-performance of any of its obligations occasioned by any cause whatsoever that is beyond its reasonable control including: Act of God; war; civil disturbance; requisitioning by governments or public authorities; governmental restrictions; prohibitions or enactments of any kind; import or export regulations; strikes; shipping and transport delays; lock-outs or other industrial disputes (whether involving its own employees or those of any other person); difficulties in obtaining materials; breakdown of machinery; fires; or accidents (“Force Majeure Event”). If any such event occurs, Essen Water may to the extent necessary vary or suspend any Order, these terms and conditions or the Agreement, in each case at its discretion and without incurring any liability to the Purchaser for any such loss or damage.

Changes to your water dispenser that are caused by or result from normal wear and use. Nor do we cover commercial use (unless it is installed by Essen Water), or changes caused by or resulting from circumstances or uses that go beyond the ordinary, intended maintenance and household uses of a water dispenser—namely, dispensing water.

Essen Water dispensers are designed to work on a firm, solid surface that is structurally capable of supporting the weight of the water dispenser.

This Warranty does not cover your Product if you use it in a manner incompatible with that intended design and use.

Imperfections that do not prevent ordinary use and enjoyment of the Product by a reasonable person are not considered to be defects. For example, surfaces may not be perfectly even, imperfection touch panels or imperfections on the outer surface of the product and corners may not be perfectly shaped or symmetrical. These are not “defects” for which is not under this Limited Warranty.

More specifically, this Limited Warranty excludes: (a) minor imperfections and slight cosmetic flaws; (b) normal wear and tear; (c) stains, soiling, burns, and discoloration that occur over time; (d) dampness; (e) individual or personalised preferences relating to users are not used to the water taste, texture, comfort, cutting the power plug or/ and made an amendment(s) to the product as user has specific preference aesthetically etc.; – in other words, some non-preferred product functions, specifications of the water dispenser should be expected and is not considered a “defect”); (f) individual or personalised sensitivities.

Conditions resulting from abusive handling, misuse, neglect or making amendment(s) to the product. Accordingly, the following circumstances, if discovered upon inspection, will void your Warranty: (a) any unsanitary condition; (b) stains, burns, tears, cuts, or liquid damage; (c)damaging the product by replacing the filters with filters from other sources; (d) physically abusing the Product; (e) attempting to clean the Product in an inappropriate manner; and (f) commercial use (except installed by Essen water); (g)installing the filters by improper manner which results to damage; and (h) purchase from resellers who are not authorised retailers

Individual specifications preferences relating to product functions, mechanism, design, materials, taste and feel.

5.Warranty claim

Warranty shall be provided by Essen Water and will be registered automatically for full paying customers.

In the event that the product has issues, the original purchaser must reach out to Essen Water team directly with a short video and include order number through email at essenwater@gmail.com or corporate hotline at +6583683928

6.Installation & Onsite Assistance 

All products will be entitled to a one-time free installation service.

After the installation, if there is a need for a subsequent onsite visit due to a suspected defective issue, Essen Water will be able to arrange for an onsite visit with an $80 fee to cover transport and labour costs. This fee will also be charged if no issue is found with the product; the product has been damaged due to negligence, misuse. accident and/or has been used in a manner incompatible with that intended design by the user; or if our installer fails to complete the installation due to an incorrect address given by user or last minute changes in date/time of installation that was not communicated to Essen Water at least 3 days in advance).

7.Filter Change

Filter changes should be no later than 1 year after usage, due to bacteria formation in the filters after that period. More frequent changes are recommended for large families (7 and above) 

Promotional prices for 6 monthly filter changes will only be valid if customer changes filter within 7 months of the last filter change. Annual filter change prices will apply to customers who delay 6 monthly filter changes beyond 7 months.

8.Relocation Services

If existing customers are looking to relocate their water dispenser, Essen Water is able to provide the service with an additional service fee depending on the location.

In the event that customers were to relocate their water dispenser on their own by using other contractors or themselves and failed to inform Essen Water of the matter which includes the new address, warranty will be voided.

If re-location is required, customers will need to contact Essen Water for enquiries as we do provide relocation and installation services.

9.Subscription Plan

The following section applies only to customers who opt for a subscription plan. The standard subscription plan will cover the following: (a) Initial delivery and standard installation of the water dispenser and filters at the customer's location (Installation Terms and Conditions are per section 2: Installation above), (b) Essen Water's water dispenser and a filter box (with 4 stage filters for Seoul V2 dispenser), (c) Yearly filter change service upon renewal and payment of contract, (d) all fees related to the maintenance and repair of the water dispenser system, under normal usage of the system during the subscription period. Additional fees may apply in the event of: negligence, soiling, improper cleaning, tempering with the dispenser system, and other abnormal usage of the system.

For new subscriptions, a one-year subscription lock-in period will apply to the customer and there are no refunds due to any early termination of plan within this first year period.

A filter change service will be scheduled every 12 months and will be done upon the renewal of the plan. After a filter change service, there will be a three-months subscription lock-in period that apply to customer, and no refunds will be prorated or refunded due to any early termination of plan within this period.

For any replacement of the water dispenser after the first year of subscription, there will be a three-months subscription lock-in period that will have to be committed by the customer, and no refunds will be prorated or refunded due to any early termination of plan within this period.

For termination of the subscription plan, customers would need to inform Essen Water at least 2 weeks in advance. A pro-rated refund would apply if there are pre-payments and it is outside of any lock-in period. Upon the termination of the plan, Essen Water will arrange for our staff to collect back the water dispenser set (with filter box). Essen water shall not reinstate any drilled holes, t-valve, piping and/or trunking after removing our water dispenser and filters.