Our Vision

Essen Water is a local homegrown Singaporean company with a vision to make high quality and affordable purified water available in all Singaporean households and businesses.

We feature high quality and affordable water purifiers that are being enjoyed by hundreds of households and businesses, and provide impeccable end-to-end customer service that will surely delight you!

Our Commitment

All our water purifiers are tested for durability and certified to ensure customers enjoy reliable and high quality purified drinking water.

Our Filters

We use 100% globally proven Korean Water Purification Technology, with the following Natural Filtration Process:

1. Sediment Stage: Removes particles like rust and sand

2. Pre-Carbon Stage: Activated charcoal absorbs harmful chemicals like chlorine

3. Ultra-Filtration Stage: Removes micro-organism as small as 0.02 microns

4. Post-Carbon Stage: Removes odor and improves water taste

5. Alkaline Stage: Improves Alkalinity of water for better absorption of water & minerals

Our Customers Say

I'm glad that I don't have to pay thousands of dollars, compared to the rest of the dispensers in the market, Seoul V2 works well and meets my needs. My family are happy we got it installed. I contacted Jane on Friday and Ray installed it on Saturday. Good job! Well done!

Florence Tan

Our Customers Say

"I simply love the compact size of the dispenser. There are also suitable temperatures for making milk and tea, one button settles it all.. super convenient. Their service and follow-up is also excellent. Highly recommended for its value for money and excellent service.

Gracia Lee

Our Customers Say

"Tony did a really great job & his efforts deserves a huge five stars! He did the almost impossible task of drilling into my tiles and managed to install the dispenser."

Shawn Low

Our Customers Say

Great customer service provided by the team! They are very professional and patience. Highly recommended if you are looking for a dispenser. Surprised that dispensing of different temperature water was pretty fast!

Serene Toh

Our Customers Say

"Ordering and installation was a smooth journey. After using for a month, me and my wife really love this machine. The convenience is really a blessing.. even with house warming and relatives. If you want a hot coffee, everyone just pop to the machine for the 98deg water. Super duper fast and convenient."

Mike S Tan

Our Products

We tirelessly work with global suppliers to source for premier water dispensers for our customers. Using Just-in-Time inventory management and residential storage solutions, we keep costs minimal and pass these cost savings to our customers. We have featured various series of products including the Sparkle Series, Incheon Series, Seoul Series water dispensers.

Our current featured product is the Seoul V2 water purifier. It is an impressive touch screen, climate friendly, tankless and compact water purifier featuring 100% Korean natural filtration technology.

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